Not Just the Immigration System, the US may learn a lot from Canada

The immigration order and policies of US President Donald Trump has been the news and discussions in last couple of months. Trump is known for its strict stand against immigration and immigrants in the USA. Hence, even the speculations of him becoming the next US president created a huge chaos and distress among the people in and outside America.

Crashing of the Canadian immigration website on the US Election night was one of the key incidents that indicated the Trump-bump on the world. The roar, chaos and controversy raised further after he became the president of the United States of America and imposed the travel ban on a few Muslim Countries, i.e. Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya,  and Somalia.

Trump praised Canadian Immigration System

In his recent address to Congress, President Trump showered praises on the Canadian ‘Merit-based’ immigration system and recommended the same kind of immigration system for the US as well. In fact, Canada’s immigration system is popular world over. Many countries have praised it for being organized and well-structured.

As for Trump, he appreciated the economic immigration program of Canada that selects the best and brightest skilled workers from world over for its labour market and industries. He recommended that the US also focus on the immigrants, which have high potential to get financial establish in America. Such immigrants will not burden the government for aids and subsidy.

What else US can learn from America?

The US has praised the Canada’s point based immigration system, however, there is much more to learn from Canada apart from the immigration system. Canada’s immigration policy is positive and has been praised by many individuals. Canada has set a great example of humanitarian immigration policies, when he airlifted 25,000 Syrian refugees in 2016.

Canada’s immigration target is also over 300,000 for last couple of years. The Canadian government facilitates the immigrants by providing them ideal facilities and environment to work, integrate and grow in Canada. Consequently, the immigrants have contributed largely in the economy and growth of Canada.

Cultural Diversity, respect and acceptance for immigrants is another key thing that the USA and other advanced countries can learn from Canada. There has been hardly any incident of racism or intolerance in Canada in last few years. Canadians are known as the peace loving people who accept the people with diversified culture, religion, race, background, and ethnicity in their country.

No discrimination is done with immigrants in Canada, based on cast, religion, race, or nationality, etc. factors. People from all over the world are free to apply in the different Canada immigration programs, i.e. Express Entry System, Provincial Nominee Program, Quebec Skilled Worker Program, etc. and obtain the permanent residency. Immigration Rules of Canada are far more lenient compared to most advanced countries including America.

The Express Entry system of Canada claims to process the permanent residency visa applications of the selected immigrants within six months. However, to get complete assistance and make the immigration process smooth and trouble free, applicants often take services from trusted Canada Immigration Consultants.

Hence, let’s hope that the US president take note of all these qualities of Canada and employ a few of them as part of US immigration policy as well.